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Learning English at Wall Street English is more flexible than ever! You can enjoy the flexibility of studying English in a Centre or at home. Besides being able to select your own class time during our Centre opening hours, you can study English anywhere, at any time online via our English learning platform.Every moment can be a learning time, come and Learn English at Wall Street English!


New - WSE-HK Channel

WSE-HK Channel - a flexible, fun and interactive online conversation class that enables you to practice English anytime, anywhere with teacher and WSE students. Learning English through our interactive English learning platform with vivid resource, your English will get improved in no time!


English Anytime

No matter whether you are at our WSE centres or at home, you can enjoy the flexibility of our English learning programmes. Besides being able to choose your own class with the times and days convenient for you, English Anytime allows you to study English anywhere, at any time online via our multimedia and interactive English learning method.

  English Anytime - Learning English Online - Wall Street English - School of English


English Anytime - Learning English Online - Wall Street English - School of English


Look at the advantages English Anytime offer you:

  • Flexible Study Hours - Your study hours are even more flexible as you can study English anywhere, at any time.
  • Self-paced Study - You can control how fast you learn English even more.
  • Additional Practice Opportunities – Much more interactive English practice and practical English reference materials, such as "Quick Grammar Guide" and "Business Idioms" available 24/7.
  • Learning by Small steps & Objectives - Built-in feedback and self-evaluation systems allow you to monitor your English learning progress and pace your study.


How do existing WSE students access English Anytime?

  • Existing students may use the service, provided they have completed a minimum of 2 units of their English course.
  • An English Anytime seminar will be provided for those who purchase this service. After the completion of English Anytime seminar, the service will be activated within 3 working days.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring their computers are correctly set up to access the service effectively. Details of the technical requirement for their home or office computer are provided below.
  • Application forms are available from Centre Reception or your Course Consultant. It is also available online for download.


Technical Requirements for accessing English Anytime on your computer via the internet:



Operating System

  • Windows XP sp3 or above


Min 2GB

Connection Speed

Min 1Mb Broadband


IE 8.0 or above

Plug In

  • Flash Player new version
  • JVM 1.7 or above

Video Screen

1024x768 screen resolution

Audio HW

  • Basic sound card
  • Speakers
  • Microphone or Headset

If you want to get a profile summary of your computer, you can go to Click this link to see the procedures of the free download and computer profile check.


The Vill@ge

The Vill@ge, is an online community of all WSE students from around the world. In addition to grammar exercises, you can meet and chat with fellow English-learners from other countries and exchange information or just socialize. There are international articles detailing interesting cultural differences as well as English study hints and tips. The Vill@ge is a value-add service to all WSE students as it gives them a chance to practice English outside of the Centres and to communicate with students of other nationalities.

  The Village - Learning English Online - Wall Street English - School of English
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