Scotland Exchange

"Scotland Exchange Program 2016" is organized by Hong Kong Scotland Education Connection, HKSEC. HKSEC has been supporting and funding schools in Hong Kong and Scotland to take part in mutual exchanges since its establishment. With the enthusiastic support from HKSEC’s founder, Mr. Nigel Fong, selected Hong Kong secondary school students will be fully subsidized to travel to Scotland for exchange activities.

From November to December 2016, exchange students will attend local secondary school, stay with local host families and sightsee in Scotland to experience the local culture and customs in person.

Eligibility (WSE students)

A Secondary 2/ 3/ 4 student in the academic year of 2015-2016
Aged 15 or above
A student of Wall Street English (WSE) with course validity ending on or after 31 December 2016
Completes not less than 40 hours of community service projects within the period of April to 30 June 2016 and submits Volunteer Service Record Book
Holds a valid passport (with expiration date on or after 31 July 2017)
With parental consent form duly signed by parent or guardian
With school consent form duly signed by school teacher
For non WSE students, please click here to register

Program Objectives

Create opportunities for participating students to enlighten and inspire their lives;
Cultivate young leaders with an international outlook;
Foster cultural exchange ambassadors to promote cultural and academic exchanges between students of Hong Kong and Scotland, and to deepen understanding and build friendship between the two places.
Encourage students to be self-motivated, to challenge oneself, to broaden horizons, and to build self-confidence;
Motivate volunteer service, care for the society and contribute to the community.
Program inclusions Program exclusions
Round-trip air ticket
Travel insurance
Meals and accommodation (home-stay)
Pocket money for students
Optional activities and interest groups

Exchange Details (Itinerary of around 10-14 days)*

1. Students stay with local host families to experience Scotland’s cultural traditions and habits;
2. Attend school together with students of host families to understand the teaching pattern and campus life there;
3. Attend the local youth summit and share learning outcomes of the exchange program;
4. Strengthen exchange between the two places’ teachers and students through both formal and informal introductions and chats, and share experiences;
5. Participate in local festivals and cultural activities;
6. Teach and promote Chinese culture, such as calligraphy;
7. Experience the local food culture, taste traditional cuisine like sheep offal at local restaurants;
8. Visit local landmarks or cultural heritages, such as the castles;
9. Be familiar with local historical monuments and history, such as the constructions and history of the Roman Empire;
10. Participate in local extracurricular activities, such as rugby and Scottish dance;
11. Visit farms.

Application Documents

Please provide the following documents to your WSE Education Consultant before 18 April 2016:
Application Form
Parental Consent Form
School Consent Form signed by school teacher

Application procedures

Successful applications have to:
1. Be a volunteer of ‘Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail’;
2. Participate in the matching program and introduce Hong Kong to visiting students from Scotland;
3. Collaborate with students of the host families to carry out competition related to cultural exchange.
Date Task for students
29 March 2016 Interested parties can take application documents from WSE education consultant
On or before 18 April Submit application form to WSE education consultant
April to end of June • Complete not less than 40 hours of community service projects
• Submit service report to the school staff in charge
• Attend regular events
29 April, 20 May, 3 June, 24 June Students must attend the group meeting for community service plans
On or before 20 July The selection committee meets with applicants to hear their oral reports on community service outcomes
End of July Results announcement
July till departure • Selected candidates are required to attend Wall Street English’s English course before departure
• Selected candidates should study information of Scotland and China as pre-departure preparation
• Volunteer for ‘Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail’
• Participate in the matching program and introduce Hong Kong to visiting students from Scotland
• Liaise with students of the host families to discuss the details of the cultural exchange competition

Student Responsibilities

To be eligible for selection, students must promise to do their best to meet the following requirements:
1. Speak and behave appropriately as an outstanding exchange student representing Hong Kong, China;
2. Complete not less than 40 hours of meaningful community service projects within the period of April to June 2016;
3. Submit community service report to the school staff in charge before the end of June 2016.
4. If a student fails to complete 40 hours of community service projects by 30 June 2016, the outstanding community service hours will be doubled. For example, if a student has completed 35 hours of community service by 30 June, the outstanding 5 hours of community service will be doubled, meaning that the student will have to complete 5 hours x2 = 10 hours of community service before departure.
5. Winners should keep a log of the travel itinerary (in written and video formats) in English, and share with other students during the exchange program. They should also share their exchange experience at the Social Club upon returning to Hong Kong.


1. The organizer and selection committee select winners in a most fair and equitable manner, and reserve the right of final decision.
2. WSE will have the right to use all video and audio materials recorded by students during the exchange program without prior notice.
3. Students should take good care of their own safety and personal belongings. WSE will accept no legal liability in respect of either person or property for any injury, loss, etc. caused by acts of negligence, breach of law, etc. by third party service providers or other third party. All compensations will be made in accordance with the insurance policy terms. Students may also purchase additional insurance on their own.
4. Students may be refused entry by immigration or customs officers even if they hold valid travel documents for immigration. WSE or the organizer will accept no liability in this respect. Students have to bear all additional costs of consequent meals, accommodation, transport, etc.
* The organizer’s decision shall be final. Changes in activity content and date due to weather conditions, accidents or other reasons can be made by the organizer without prior notice.

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Organiser:Hong Kong Scotland Education Connection

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