There are different departments in a company and so, coworkers are working under their own schedules and arrangements. When you have to make an appointment with them, you may need to ask them in English to see if they are available or not. This passage is going to talk about ways to ask for their availability, clarifying your aim and offering alternatives if the schedule can’t fit right in.


Asking for availability

When would be a good time for you?

Would you be available on Thursday?

Are you available on Tuesday?

How does the coming Monday sound to you?

Could we meet next Friday?


Stating the purpose of the appointment

Let’s meet to discuss …

The aim of the meeting is to …

I’d like to arrange a meeting with you all to …


Offering alternatives if he/she is not available in the prearranged time

How about the coming Wednesday?

What about next Friday ?

Would next Monday be ok?


With the English phrases in this passage, you can easily make an appointment with others without worries!


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