We all had times when we made the wrong choice or judgment, leading to endless self-loathing. It can be grief in breaking up with your beloved one, sorrow in ignoring others’ advice or self-disappointment in laziness in studying. Do you know how can we express our regrets in English other than using the word regret? Let’s check it out below!


I wish I had …

I wish I had stopped him from committing the crime.


I shouldn’t have …

I shouldn’t have trusted you. You are such a liar!


If only I had …

If only I had explained that clearly, she wouldn’t have left me.


If I could do it over again, I would …

If I could do it over again, I would put more effort into studying for the exam.


Now that I know … was a bad idea.

Now that I know playing truant was a bad idea.


Dawn on

Little by little it dawned on Kristy that her boyfriend is not a trustworthy person.


Don’t indulge yourself in the feeling of regret. After reminding yourself of the fault you made, just carry on and move forward, hoping we won’t make the same mistake twice.  


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