When you have the chance to work, travel or live in foreign countries, it’s necessary for you to greet others politely and casually. Other than saying ‘ how are you’, do you know any other ways to say hello ? Let’s forget about ‘ how are you’  and ‘I’m fine, thank you’ and learn the following ways for greeting !


Are you alright ?

Q: Are you alright ?

A: Not bad.  /  I get by.  / Not feeling so good.


How’s life treating you ?

Q: How’s life treating you?

A: Pretty good. / Nothing special.


What’s new ? / What’s up?

Q: What’s new ?

A: I’m doing ok.  / Nothing much.


How’s your day?

Q: How’s your day?

A:It’s going well.  / Not so good.


To continue the conversation, you can try to ask ‘ how about you’ , showing that you care about how is his / her day doing too.


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