Most of you may think that Business English is about using some advanced and uncommon phrases. Yet, it is a big misconception! If you know how to use the common expressions, it can be a very simple thing. The expressions with the word ‘make’ can surely help you in dealing with email reply and meeting.


  • Make an effort


Thank you so much for making an effort in this campaign. It wouldn’t be so successful without your help.


  • Make a mistake


I’m afraid I have to reconsider this cooperation since you’ve made several mistakes in the plan.


  • Make an offer


Please feel free to make your offer if you are satisfied with the product.


  • Make a profit


She made a huge profit from selling the photo-editing app to the advertisement company.


  • Make a speech


I would like you to make a speech during the opening ceremony of the company’s annual dinner.


  • Make a suggestion


Can you make a suggestion for the company’s future development plan?

Remember the above expressions which will guide you the way in handling emails and holding meetings!