Other than focusing on conversation about weather with others, learning weather vocabulary can also help with watching weather forecast. In case of facing unstable weather condition during travelling, you can have a better understanding by reading or watching the related news. This requires weather words! Here is the words about cloudy, foggy and cold days that you need!


  • Cloudy day
  • Overcast

In the morning, it was blue, clear skies, but the weather was suddenly overcast in the afternoon.


  • Gloomy

Since the weather was gloomy yesterday, we didn’t go hiking and instead, we visited museum together.


  • Foggy day
  • Misty

As spring is arriving, the weather forecast for this whole month is misty and chilly.


  • Humid

It is so hard to enjoy outdoor activities in Hong Kong during summer, as the hot and humid weather can drive people crazy.


  • Coldday
  • Freezing

It’s freezing cold today and you need to put on your coat before leaving.


After learning these weather words, how would you describe the weather today?