It is essential to have a good command of business idioms as people often mentions things using them. If you don’t understand the meaning of that idiom, you may lose track of them. The following passage is about the frequently used idioms, with the examples in using them.


Up in the air : it is uncertain, often because other matters have to be decided first

The marketing plan for next year is still up in the air.


See eye to eye : To agree with someone

He doesn’t see eye to eye with her about the expansion plan.


The elephant in the room : A very large issue that everyone is acutely aware of, but nobody wants to talk about

We should condemn the exploitation problem of the manufacturer, but it is just the elephant in the room.

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Out in the open : Something becomes public knowledge and no longer a secret

The details of the deal between the two companies are now out in the open.


Go down the drain : something is wasted or spoiled

The other company got the contract, and our efforts went down the drain.


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