There must be a difference in terms of the saturation between the blue of the sky and the ocean. It is the same of the red between sunset and flowers. Therefore, you need some clarifications for these tones. All you require is indeed the adjectives for describing colors. Check it out below!


Light tone


e.g. light purple, light green…

This light purple dress is quite suitable for you. You can consider buying it.



e.g. pale pink, pale blue…

You can put this pale pink vase with golden yellow flowers in the center of the table.


Dark tone


e.g. dark red, dark brown …

The sunset today was shining in a dark red color.



e.g. deep blue, deep orange …

I am madly in love only by staring at her deep blue eyes, like the unreachable ocean.



Eye-catching colors


e.g. bright yellow, bright red…

Bright yellow is not my favorite color, but it is very refreshing.



e.g. brilliant blue, brilliant green …

With the brilliant blue sky, we went hiking yesterday.


You can now describe any colors freely without hesitation!


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