Learning idioms is an effective and sounding way to boost your English level! You can impress others by your ability to understand the idioms and your good command over them. Do you know what does ‘just my two cents’ mean at the end of email? Is ‘ on the money’ refer to on top of the money? Let’s check out the useful money idioms together!  


On the money : exact or correct

The weather forecast was right on the money.


To feel the pinch: in face of financial hardship

Since his father is unemployed and his mother couldn’t find a job, his family is feeling the pinch.


To go bust : to go bankrupt

Many small companies went bust after the severe drop in the stock market.


Worth its weight in gold : to be very useful or helpful

University education is worth its weight in gold as it exposes students to new research and technology.


Two cents : opinion on a particular matter

If you want my two cents, I think you should leave her and look for a better partner.


Next time you can try to add an idiom into your conversation or email as a practice too!


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