There are a larger number of idioms that exist in the English world so it can be one of the interesting ways to learn English without just reciting grammar and vocabulary. Do you know what means by having a bee in your bonnet? Is the fly on the wall describing a real scene? Let’s check them out by learning these idioms about flies!


Dropping like flies : to stop doing an activity in large numbers

They are dropping like flies because this mock test is too difficult, and the topics are not that close with the real examination.


Fly on the wall : Someone hears what will be said or sees what will happen without being noticed

Stop being a fly on the wall! She will tell you if she is ready.


To make a beeline : to move directly towards something or someone

After this meeting is over, we should make a beeline for lunch as the next conference starts early too.


Have a bee in your bonnet : to keep talking about something again and again because you think it is very important

She keeps blaming her boss about turning her off – she’s got a bee in her bonnet about it.


A little bird told me : said if you know who gave you the information being discussed but do not want to say who it was

A little bird told me that you are secretly in love with the boy in your English class.


 It is really an interesting way to hide the origin of the information by saying ‘ a little bird told me’! Don’t you think so? You can try to use them in your daily conversation!


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