Idioms 用得好,真喺會連外國人都覺得驚訝,因為呢個喺佢哋地道語言嘅重要部分,而用昆蟲動物做 idioms 都幾常見,所以想令人驚豔,就一齊嚟學好點用呢啲富有特色嘅 idioms 啦!想知 bee’s knee 喺形容咩人?Be breaking a butterfly on a wheel又喺咩意思?快啲嚟睇啦!


Fly in the ointment : a single thing or person that is spoiling a situation that could have been very positive or enjoyable 美中不足之處;令人掃興的人或事

It was so sunny in the morning, which is very suitable for hiking, but the downpour later is the only fly in the ointment.   


Social butterfly : Someone who enjoys frequently mingling with other people at social events 性格外向、社交能力強,能適應各種社交場合的人

I saw her at every party this month – I feel like she is a social butterfly.


Bee’s knee 出類拔萃的人或事物 : an excellent person or thing

You shouldn’t compare yourself with her as she is the bee’s knee in our school.


Have a butterfly in one’s stomach : A feeling of nervousness 感到緊張不安

I am about to have a job interview and I feel like I have a butterfly in my stomach.


Be breaking a butterfly on a wheel : To be applying an excessive amount of force to achieve something minor, unimportant, or insignificant 小題大做

Just stay on the low! Why breaking a butterfly on a wheel?


學完咁多識飛嘅 idioms,相信大家嘅英文都突飛猛進咗唔少啦!


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