Idioms in English are often tricky as they have figurative meanings and the actual meanings. This article is focusing on idioms about keeping and spilling secrets. Do you know how to tell others to keep a secret in idiom? What is the idiom to accuse someone of spilling the secret? What is the true meaning for ‘my lips are sealed’? Is it to keep or to spill the mysterious information? If you want to know about the secrets in these idioms, just click on and find it out!


Idioms about Spilling Secrets

  • To blow the lid off: to cause something (usually bad) that was previously kept secret to be known by the public


  • To spill the beans : to let secret information become known


  • To let the cat out of the bag : to reveal a secret often without the intention to reveal the secret


  • To give the game away : to spoil a surprise or a joke by telling someone something that should have been kept secret


Idioms about Keeping Secrets


  • Mum’s the word : to tell someone to keep the secret or to tell someone you will keep the secret


  • My lips are sealed : promise to keep the secret


  • To bite your tongue :to avoid saying something (usually secret)


  • To keep someone in the dark : hide something from someone


  • To keep something under wraps : to keep something secret


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