Last time we looked at some adjectives that describes the taste and texture of some foods, it is still not enough to score high in Paper 2. For this year’s DSE, candidates were required to write a about the food, environment and service quality in a restaurant. Let’s get started!

1)Décor / Ambiance

The restaurant has great décor and ambiance.



This place has a relaxed, casual vibe.



This café is a perfect place to enjoy good food alongside a dazzling sunset.



The atmosphere of the restaurant is unbeatable.



He planned to take his girlfriend to a posh restaurant and propose to her.



The service there is very attentive.



The service of this five-star restaurant is impeccable.



This high-end restaurant is pricey, and thus is probably appropriate for a special occasion.


Learn the above adjectives that will be used in dining occasions and write food reviews without any difficulty!