In our last post, we summarized 3 tips for IELTS speaking part 3. This time, we are going to talk about how to polish your answer and achieve a 7.5 band score!


Tip 4:Paragraph building technique


Idea, explain, example

We mentioned this method last time. Here is an example for you:


Q: Do you think it’s important for people to go on holiday?


(Idea): Yes, I think we need to go on holiday at least once a year.

(Explain): We all need to take a break and recharge our batteries from time to time.

(Example): Last summer, I went on holiday to France for a couple of weeks, and it was great to leave all my usual responsibilities behind me. I came home feeling refreshed.


Another way to construct a clear and organized paragraph is: Firstly, secondly, finally


I suppose there are different reasons why________________.

Firstly, __________________. A second reason could be that___________. Finally, ______________.


Tip 5:Perspective Technique


Except giving out your own opinion on the topic, you can brainstorm more ideas from other perspectives.


Q: How do you think the Internet will affect our lives in the future?


  1. Personal perspective: I think the Internet will probably replace TVs because most channels people lovewatching, like myself, are already available online.
  2. Economic perspective: Also, we will do more online shopping. Web-based companies like Amazon are expected to replace traditional shops.
  3. Educational perspective: Schools and universities might also use the Internet to provide courses, so online learning will become common in everyone’s lives.


Tip 6:Expressing opinions

Try to use different expressions to substitute “I think…”.


I think = reckon/suppose/guess

I’m sure = I am positive/ I am totally convinced

As far as I’m concerned…

As I see it…

Generally speaking, I’d say…

As far as I could tell

According to what I’m aware of…