Girls usually like dressing up and matching different clothes to build up their own styles. We always use ‘wear’ and ‘remove’ to describe putting on and taking off the clothes. However, there are other words or phrasal verbs we can use to describe this action.

Let’s learn the following 8 phrasal verbs and use them next time!

1)Dress up
To put on special clothes for special occasion

He dressed up as a cowboy for the party.

2)Have on
To be wearing a piece of clothing

I loved that dress you had on last night.

3)Try on
To put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits you

Try on the shoes to see if they fit.

4)Wear out
Become damaged or useless

I have worn out my shoes!

5)Wrap up
To dress in warm clothes

Wrap up well, it is cold outside.

6)Do up
Fasten something

Do up your jacket, don’t get a cold!

7)Throw on
To put on a piece of clothing quickly

I threw on my hat and rushed out.

8)Get into
To put on a piece of clothing with suitable size

I can’t get into this shirt anymore because I am much taller now.