Anything can happen at work. Sometimes you want to complain to your colleagues or clients. Therefore, let us give you some English tips for rephrasing work-related complaints to laugh at someone in an unkind way.




Ridicule refers to laughing at someone in an unkind way.

She used to be ridiculed for her open and bold statements.



Tease/ Taunt

“Tease” means to laugh at someone, while “taunt” means to intentionally annoy someone.

Don’t take it seriously. He was only teasing you.

Sometimes she taunts me about my handwriting.




To roast someone: to humorously criticize and make jokes about a person.

I get roasted by my teammates.



Moan/ Whine/ Gripe

These are the informal substitutes for “complain”. Moan/whine/gripe + about/over.

He is always moaning about his job.




We can use “fussy” to refer to someone who is not easily satisfied or has very high standards about particular things.

She is so fussy and always making a fuss.



That’s a nice one/ It’s gold.

You can also bring in elements of sarcasm in your compliments.

That’s a nice one!

It’s gold.