Every summer is getting hotter and hotter. In July, the very hot weather warning was hoisted for nearly a month. It is really too hot! The word ‘Hot’ can also be used to describe feelings and performance.

Let’s learn how we can use the word ‘hot in different ways!



1) Hot and bothered

to be excited, anxious, or angry about something


John was hot and bothered about the new neighbors making all the noise every night last week.



2) Be in hot water

to be in trouble


Sally is in hot water with her parents for sneaking out the other night.



3) Hot on the trail

to be very close to catching or finding something or someone


She is hot on the trail of finding the person who stole her credit card.



4) Go like hotcakes

to be selling out fast


The day after thanksgiving, TV sets go like hotcakes. The shelves are empty by noon!



5) In the hot seat

to be in a high-pressure situation where a lot of attention is on you


Mark is in the hot seat this week.



6) Not so hot

to not be very good


The restaurant we went last night wasn’t so hot.



7) Hot of the press

The newest information or news


Who wants to know what’s happening with the new Star Wars movie? I’ve got the trailer here, hot off the press!



8) Hot potato

An annoying and troublesome situation


Global warming is an international hot potato. No one wants to clean up the mess.



See? We can use the word ‘hot’ in various idioms to describe different situations!