We have introduced 8 common English idioms last time, can you remember all of them? If you cannot, try to use a notebook to jot these new ones down!


Here are some brand new idioms!


1. Man proposes, God disposes

The idea that people can make plans but whether or not they are successful depends on God’s wish


Man proposes, God disposes. We have tried our utmost after all.


2. Strike while the iron is hot

To make use of an opportunity immediately


He doesn’t often make such offers. I would strike while the iron is hot if I were you.


3. Beauty is only skip-deep

A pleasing appearance is not a guide to character


You might love the way that Peter looks, but then you get inside and see beauty is only skin-deep.


4. One good turn deserves another

When you do a helpful or kind act in return to someone who has also done something good for you


You were a lifesaver for us when we needed a maid last week, so I’m happy to help now. One good turn deserves another.


5. The longest day must have an end

No matter how long or difficult your day may be, it will come to an end eventually


Don’t give up! The longest day must have an end.


6. The first blow is half the battle

Whoever gets the first mark makes a very successful start


The home team scored a goal within 2 minutes of the start of the game which so discouraged the visitors that they lost all confidence in themselves. The first blow is half the battle!


7. A contented mind is a perpetual feast

If happy and satisfied, one will not strive to acquire more


Lillian does not make very much money but she seems to be happy all the time. That’s the meaning of a contented mind is a perpetual feast!


8. A miss is as good as a mile

Regardless of how badly someone missed the target, it is a miss after all


Although they scored the last goal, that one miss was as good as a mile.



Do they sound interesting to you? So do jot them down!