Do you have the issue of constantly using the same sentence pattern in your English writing or speaking tests? For example, the “so that” structure is one of the most overused patterns among English learners. Today, we are going to give you some simple substitutes for “so that”.



1. So as


She will go to the cinema so as to watch the new movie.



2. In order that


We all get up early in order that we can start at seven.



3. So as to do something


We should learn a lesson from our mistakes so as to be a better person in the future.



4. In order to do something


In order to do this, you have to build up confidence.



5. In such a way that


The knot was fastened in such a way that it was impossible to undo.



6. As a means to


Exercise was also mentioned as a means to reduce fatigue.



7. In such a manner that


This is where you do things in such a manner that you avoid exercising your brain.