After the whole day of working, you finally finished preparing for the tomorrow’s presentation, saying “it’s all done” to call it for a day. We are going to give a list of different ways to express the meaning of “the work is all done”.


1. It’s all done!

“All done” is used for saying that you have finished doing something. You can say “all done” by omitting “it’s”.


2. It’s a wrap.

a phrase used in film making to tell actors and crew that filming of a particular scene, film, etc. has finished. You can also say “it’s/that’s a wrap”, telling others you have done the work.


3. That’s that!

It means there is nothing more to do or say about the matter.


4. Mission accomplished!

Something that you say when you have finished doing something that you were told to do. It’s an informal expression that using “mission” as a metaphor for the work.


5. It’s done and dusted.

It’s a British way to refer to a thing to be finished. You can also add a be verb.


By now the deal was done and dusted.


6. Finished / completed

You can use verbs like finished/completed as well, but remember to add verb-ing!


He’s just completed filming his 17th feature film.


I finished doing what I should do and then knock off an hour earlier.