A ‘sport’s verb is followed by do, play or go usually. However, the nature of these verbs are totally different.


Today, let’s learn about when to use the corresponding words before some ‘sports’ verb!


1. Go

Go means heading to a place so if a specific venue is required for the sports, we usually use ‘go’, for example, swimming, bowling and cycling etc. Do remember to add ‘ing’ to the verb!


eg. My dad loves to go fishing
eg. Let’s go cycling today! The weather is so nice.


2. Play

Play is usually used in team sports or ball games, such as tennis, soccer and chess etc.


eg. Did you play soccer at school?
eg. I like to play chess with my friends.


3. Do

Verbs after ‘do’ is usually some sports that can finish in one person. They are not competitive but rather relaxing and elegant just like yoga, tai chi and ballet.


eg. I like doing yoga in my leisure time.



Therefore, remember to use the right word before a ‘sports’ verb next time!