Everyone loves yummy food. Sometimes, having a satisfying meal is our motivation to work! In English, we hear ‘yummy’, ‘delicious’ and ‘tasty’ the most because they are the most basic words. However, there are many words to describe yummy. Sometimes, it can even mean different extend!


Let’s learn the following 8 words about yummy!


1. appetizing

Appetizing food or smells makes you want to eat


There is appetizing smell from the kitchen. It must be mum baking a cake!


2. delectable

Looking or tasting extremely good, and giving great pleasure


I can’t wait to have the delectable cheesecake from the Michelin bakery.


3. enticing

Something enticing attracts you to it by offering you pleasure


My mood gets a lot better after having the enticing steak.


4. finger licking

Very tasty, delicious


I went to his restaurant and the fried chicken wasn’t finger-licking good.


5. lip smacking

Tasting extremely good


There is a restaurant famous for its lip-smacking soufflé pancake.


6. luscious

Having a pleasant sweet taste or containing a lot of juice


These tiny pears are full of luscious flavor.


7. divine

Extremely good, pleasant or enjoyable


We had a perfectly divine meal in Switzerland.


8. scrumptious

Tasting extremely good


The head chef has conjured up a menu full of scrumptious food.



Try to use the above words whenever you want to say yummy!