Over and over again,經常聽到有over嘅phrase卻估唔到咩意思?我哋整理咗 7 個 over相關嘅phrasal verbs,考試時不再重道覆轍,一次過學晒!


1. Pull over 靠邊停車

Stop the car是馬上停車,不要弄混咯!


I pulled over to the side of the road to get a cup of coffee.



2. Look over 快速檢查

overlook 是「忽視;遠眺」。oversee 是「監督;管理」,等同於 administer、supervise。


I quickly looked over all the answers and handed in the test papers before the bell rang.



3. Win over 說服

另一個表示說服的片語 talk somebody into,後面接Verb-ing。也可以用convince 和 persuade somebody to。


He’s not sure about the idea, but I’m sure we’ll win him over in the end.



4. Take over 接管


Some workers will lose their jobs as machines take over.


5. Think over 仔細考慮

與 think over 相近的用字有consider,或sleep on it。


He asked if he could think the proposal over before giving an answer.


6. Get over 克服(困難),從⋯⋯中恢復

在 get over 後面加上 oneself,是指「別自以為是了」。


She’s just getting over the flu.



7. Hand over 把⋯⋯交出


Please hand over the feedback sheet after the speech.