I’m sure that many of you have encountered difficulties at work. Do you know how to explain the problem to your colleagues or clients? Here are 8 useful phrasal verbs you can use to talk about “solving problems”!


1. Talk over (discuss)


We really need to talk over the issues faced by everyone in the department.


2. Wrestle with (having problems with)


I need your opinion; I’m wrestling with some career related decisions.


3. Run up against (had many problems)


We ran up against so many issues on the day of the event.


4. Think through (consider)


You should think through your decision of moving abroad since it’s a permanent one.


5. Sort out (solve a problem)


Joe is finding a way to sort out the financial issues in his family.


6. Knuckle down (work hard)


The market is getting competitive, hence we need to knuckle down and solve our marketing issues.


7. Run into (had a few problems)


The event was going well, however at the last moment we ran into a few problems.


8. Deal with (work out / solve)


In order to run a successful business, we will have to deal with a few difficult situations.