In job interviews, candidates may get nervous and sometimes forget their words when the interviewer asked a question. This can be especailly challenging when English is not your first language, your performance may be affected by your nervousness.


Useful vocabulary

Here is a list of words that you may want to include in an interview or on your resume. Remember to think of examples to use in an interview to demonstrate these qualities.


1. Your Skills


  • problem solver
  • communicator
  • negotiator
  • operational specialist


I am an experienced problem-solver and negotiator. I am confident to initiate dialogues with anyone and negotiate positive outcomes.

I am an effective communicator, which can be demonstrated by my success in exceeding my sales targets every month.


2. Show your motivation


  • initiate
  • motivate


My passion motivates me to do my very best at work and I always use my initiative.

I’ve learnt to initiate the dialogue with visitors, involve them in discussions and gain their trust by addressing their needs and speaking with them honestly and directly.


3. Present your perspective


  • raise the standards
  • set the goal
  • see the bigger picture


In my work I try to concentrate on the big picture and not be distracted by details.


4. Show your personality


  • achieve
  • acquire
  • accomplish
  • attain


I always manage to accomplish the tasks by the deadline even though they are difficult.

We need to identify the best ways of attaining our goals.