Do you find having English conversation with foreign clients and colleagues quite demanding? You can make yourself sound more professional by simply changing some verbs. So, it’s time to stop using “give”, “buy”, “ask” and etc. These following verbs will help you sound more professional in your workplace.


1. To tell an important message:tell → inform


I informed my boss that I was going to be away next week.


2. To send welcome gifts:send → deliver


They delivered hundreds of welcome gifts to the new clients.


3. Making a request from colleagues:give → provide


Could you provide me with a copy of the event proposal?


4. Asking for help:help → assist


You will be expected to assist the editor with the selection of illustrations for the book.


5. Purchasing equipment:buy → purchase


We’d like to purchase some printing equipment, so I’d like to make an inquiry.


6. To inform clients about the delivery:tell → inform


This component is in short supply, so we will have to inform the clients about it.


7. Making a prediction in the report:think → predict


I predict a 2% to 4% sales increase in the coming month.


8. Giving some to your manager:hand in → submit


I submitted a report of the theft to the insurance company.