You may encounter a presentation or speech no matter at school or at work. If you do it well, it leaves a positive impression to your boss and colleagues. These are some go-to sentence patterns and phrases used by many good public speakers.


1. Opening

Right off the bat, you need to clarify the significance and goal of your speech and why you need their attention.


“On behalf of [company name], I would like to welcome you here today to talk about [speech topic].”


The goal today is to [purpose of the speech] and my presentation is divided into [number of speech parts] parts.


2. Main content

Before getting into the main discussion, you need to link up the flow with some linking words.


Let’s start with some general/background information on…


Now that we’re clear on…I would like to bring your attention to the next point.


3. Conclusion & ending

The conclusion is where you should summarize the main points of your speech. Besides, it’s important to thank your audience for their time. This will ensure that you end things on a polite and good note.


In conclusion, I’d like to sum up the main points…


It was such a pleasure being able to talk to you all about [topic] today, thank you all for listening. Let’s begin the Q&A now.