Making phone calls is a very important skill for people at work. Unlike talking in-person, your conversation depends on your tone and the way that you speak. You are unable to read others’ feelings or attitudes through their facial expressions when talking on the phone. Therefore, we have listed out some essential phone etiquette below:


First, make sure the person is available to have a conversation. You can use these phrases to make sure that it is a convenient time to have a conversation. We can say:


1. Are you free to talk now?


2. Do you have a minute to have a quick chat/talk?


3. Is it a good time to talk?


Once you’ve confirmed that the person you’re calling is available, continue with the reason and purpose of the call.


1. I’m calling you about + verb+ing/noun.

E.g. I’m calling you about meeting on Friday.


2. I’m calling to + verb.

E.g. I’m calling to discuss the annual conference coming up soon.


3. It’s with regard to + noun.

E.g. It’s with regard to the sales budget for next year.


4. I’d like to + verb.

E.g. I’d like to chat to you about your annual leave application.


“I’d” or “I would like” is a polite way of saying “want to”.