A word becomes plural by adding a suffix – ‘s’. Additionally, do you know the meanings of some English words will change if we add the suffix ‘s’? Let’s learn some examples with us today!


1. Work vs Works


Example: (Work) He has done all his work so he does not need to work overtime today.

(Works) Among all the works of art of Picasso, my favorite one is Guernica.


2. Mean vs Means


Example: (Mean) The word ‘staycation‘ means spending a holiday in home country rather than traveling to other places.

(Means) Drink enough water is one of the means to keep yourself healthy.


Besides, ‘by all means’ can be referred to try all the possible methods, whereas ‘by no means’ can be referred to never do it. There are many usages for the word ‘means’, let’s jot it down for studying in the future!


3. Custom vs Customs


Example: (Custom) In some countries like France, kissing is a custom of greeting others.

(Customs) The customs have been on the go since this morning as there are many travelers.


4. Green vs Greens


Example: (Green) She looks good with a green jacket.

(Greens) You should eat greens every day to boost the daily nutrition.


5. Pain vs Pains


Example: (Pain) She is feeling slight pain after the tooth extraction.

(Pains) The student is at pains to stress the cultural differences during his exchange.