Thing 呢個字會俾人感覺意思好含糊、好唔具體,但其實搭配吓唔同字就會清楚好多。以下就係7個 Thing 嘅唔同用法,就算係一個好簡單嘅英文字用法都可以好多變㗎!


1. It’s not really my thing 不太擅長、喜歡

句子入面嘅 thing 係指能力/偏好。


I have learned guitar for 5 years but it is still too difficult for me. It’s not really my thing.



2. Have a thing about sth 特別喜歡/ 特別討厭


I have a thing about wearing jackets, even though the weather is not cool.



3. This is a thing/ Sth is a thing 時下流行的事物


Animal Crossing was a thing in 2020. Many agreed it was the best entertainment of the year.



4. The in-thing 時下流行的事物


Some think that extra-long shirts are going to be the in-thing this year.



5. The next big thing 在不久將來可能會流行起來的科技


The expert believes that autonomous driving is the next big thing for the future decades.



6. Things are looking up 情況有所好轉


Our business was in trouble last month but now things are looking up.



7. Best thing since sliced bread 形容一個人/事物非常好 (有時候會名過其實)


Some think that the latest computer model is the best thing since sliced bread, but to me it does not worth its price.