There are a lot of terminologies in the workplace. To fresh graduates, you may not understand these terms. Therefore, we have prepared 7 useful words for the workplace, so that you can understand and talk to your co-workers!


1. Push a meeting


I am not feeling well, could you please push the meeting to tomorrow? 


2. Chair a meeting


The leader of the committee did not show up for work this morning so one of the committee members had to chair the meeting. 


3. Reshuffle


We’re expecting to see a reshuffle in our department this summer. 


4. Contract out


The corporate group contracts out the daily cleaning service to a cleaning company. 


5. Back to the grind


The break time is over. We should get back to the grind. 


6. Put sb on the phone


A: Please put Jack on the phone. 

B: He is out of the office. Would you like to leave a message for him? 


7. Join forces


The two brands joined forces to set up a new product line.