As of late, video conferencing has become more popular. A new word ‘zoom fatigue’ has even appeared, which means that it is so tiring to have video conferencing one after another. Moreover, when you are having video conferencing, technical problems are the most common issues, such as not connecting to the internet or not hearing someone’s voice. How can we express these issues in English?


1. Bad reception


I’m having bad reception at home, but I will install a new antenna next week. Hope it works well.


2. Disconnected


Sorry, I just got disconnected. May I ask what is going on now?


3. Hit-and-miss


The internet connection is hit-and-miss. Could you repeat what you have just said?


4. Static


There is so much static on your side, I cannot hear what you are saying clearly.


5. Break up


Your voice is breaking up. Maybe you can log out of the conference and log back again later.


6. Time lag on audio and video connections


There is a time lag between our audio and video connections. I guess there are some network problems on your side.


7. Audio is out of sync


The host’s audio is out of sync. Please help him to enable the 5-GHz Wi-Fi on his laptop.