In the previous article, we have talked about English vocabularies about technical problems during video conferencing. Today, let’s talk about other words related to video conferencing! What are some useful words to be used when the conference starts, ends, and during the meeting?


When the conference starts


1. Roll call


Let’s begin the conference by taking a roll call.


2. An apology (more formal language)


I received an apology from Susan this morning. So, everyone is here, we could start the conference now. 


We can also use ‘an apology for absence’, which the meaning will be even clearer.

Besides, ‘a delay’ means being late for the conference. For example, there is a delay from Mark.


During the conference


3. Come in


Can I come in here? I would like to add something quickly on this issue.


4. Turn (the conference) over to sb


That brings me to the end of my presentation. Now I would like to turn the conference over to Sam. 


When the conference ends


5. Wrap up


To wrap up, we will implement the first suggested strategy and Steve will be in charge. 


6. Adjourn


I suggest we adjourn now and do more research on this matter first.