IELTS Speaking 最緊要講嘢夠自然流利,今日準備咗8個包括 All 呢個字嘅英文短句,例如 all shook up 可以形容心情、be-all and end-all 可以形容一件事嘅重要性,想知佢哋係咩意思就繼續睇落去啦!


1. All the rage 風靡一時


In 2020, Dalgona Coffee was all the rage in South Korea. Many people tried to make the drink at home.



2. All at once 突然


The weather was sunny in the morning, but all at once, there was downpour in the afternoon.



3. All shook up 極度興奮/心煩意亂


She is all shook up because of the sudden noise outside. It is hard for her to concentrate on studying.



4. All in all 總而言之


All in all, the fair was successfully held, although there were some minor problems.



5. Pull out all the stops 全力以赴


The medical personnels pulled out all the stops to take care of the patients. They should be treated with respect and appreciation.



6. Pull an all-nighter 開夜車


The final examinations are coming up. I believe I have to pull an all-nighter as everything taught will be covered.



7. Be-all and end-all 最重要的事


Making money was the be-all and end-all of my job when I was young. However, pursuing passion at work is my ultimate goal now.



8. For all sb cares 對某人來說不重要


For all I care, you can leave anytime.