If you’ve thought that ‘table’ can only be used as a noun, check this out!

The word can also be used as a verb and convey two different meanings. Also, there are English phrases related to table, for example, ‘keep a good table’. Do you know what it means?


‘Table’ as a verb:


1. To suggest something for discussion


The matters are tabled by her, but you can definitely refuse to do so.


2. To delay something


The proposal is great. I don’t know why it was tabled for discussion for a long time.


Phrases related to ‘table’:


1. Under the table


The company offered me $5000 under the table for me to keep quiet.


Besides, ‘drink somebody under the table’ means to drink a lot more than others.

He has high alcohol tolerance. He can drink anyone under the table while being the only one who stays sober.


2. On the table


They decided to put the issue on the table and get as many responses as possible.


3. Off the table


Let’s first focus only on the budget. Other aspects are off the table right now.


4. Turn the tables on sb


The candidate turned the tables on his opponent in the final round interview and impressed the interviewers.