Another article with phrases beginning with prepositions! Here is a question: do you know how we say ‘temporary’ in another way? Is it ‘on/for/from the moment’? Scroll down and find the answer!




1. On no account


On no account can I agree with you. What you just said is impossible.


2. On the rise


She is excited to see that the number of subscribers is on the rise constantly.




1. For the moment


It is feasible but only for the moment. We should come up with long-term planning.


2. For a time


For a time, I was into this computer game, and did not get enough sleep.


3. For the better


Their relationship has changed for the better since they started living together again.




1. From all accounts


From all accounts, Salar de Uyuni is one of the most beautiful attractions in the world. I wish I could visit it once in my life.


2. From then on


I first learned to play drums when I was 15. From then on, it has been my favourite hobby.