In English, the same phrasal verb can have completely different meanings to describe people and things, such as ‘give away’. You may think its meaning is only to give a freebie to sb, but in fact, it has another meaning. Have you heard it before?


1. Put up

Sb: Temporarily provide accommodation to sb

The hotel is fully booked. Luckily, my friend puts me up for a few days during my traveling period.


Sth: To oppose; To resist

Without enough weapons, it is impossible to put up any resistance to the enemy.


2. Look up

Sb: To visit (whom you have not seen for a long time)

I will look you up when I travel to Sweden.


Sth: To check; To search

I am totally unfamiliar with the essay topic. I believe I must look a lot of information up before I can start.


3. Take in

Sb: To deceive

Although we reminded her to stay vigilant against telephone scams, she was taken in by a scammer.


Sth: To completely understand

This book has a lot of hidden messages. Even though I have read it three times, I could not take it all in.


4. Give away

Sb: To show the secret feelings

She says she’s not angry, but her facial expression has given her away.


Sth: To give without asking for payment

They are having in-store promotions, giving away a sample to every customer who likes their social media page.


5. Go at

Sb: To attack

The thief went at him with a knife suddenly. Therefore, he was hurt as he was unable to react immediately.


Sth: To start working hard

She has gone at her work from 6 am because today is the deadline for handing the report in.