IELTS 無論考 Writing 定係 Oral,舉例可以幫你加強論點嘅說服力,助你攞到更理想嘅分數!咁英文裡面究竟有咩好用嘅舉例句型呢?今日就同大家講下7個舉例必用句式啦!


1. …is a case in point


Fruits boost your immune system. Apple is a case in point, which contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin C, K, and B6.



2. Take the case of…


There are many dangers from taking drugs. Take the case of Marijuana, it increases the risk of heart attacks.



3. A striking illustration is that…


There are fewer students applying to this university for admission in recent years. A striking illustration is that teacher quality becomes worse.



4. By way of illustration


Here are some means to improve your English speaking. By way of illustration, listening to podcasts is a great way to be familiar with the pronunciation of native speakers.



5. To cite an instance


Many high achievers were born in poor families. To cite an instance, LeBron James had a difficult childhood but he is now one of the best NBA players in history.



6. To hold up as an example


My sister has shown her remarkable talents since she was small. Therefore, my parents always hold her up as an example in front of our relatives.



7. A concrete example is…


It may be hard for you to understand the term ‘tertiary sector of the economy’. A concrete example is the hospitality industry as it provides services instead of products.