1. Apologize


We are terribly sorry for what you have experienced, but we are glad you voiced it out, so we can resolve it for you right away.


Please accept our sincere apology for the negative experience you had last week.


2. Find out why the customer complained


Could you please describe to us exactly what happened when…?


3. Remedy the situation


To make up for our mistake, we have gone ahead and sent a replacement item to you.


We hope you will kindly accept this gift as a compensation for the inconvenience, and we can reassure you that similar situations will not occur again in the future.


4. Ask the customers if they have any other issues


If there are anything making you uncomfortable, please be sure to let us know. We are happy to assist you.


Is there any other way we can help you today?


5. Follow up the case and make sure the customer is satisfied


Can we ask if you are satisfied with everything else?


We are confident that your future experiences with us will be up to the standards that you have expected from us.