In the workplace, there are full of negotiations and disagreements. We must understand whether the other party has the intention to reach an agreement with us or not. Therefore, we would like to introduce 6 related phrases to help you react to them today!


1. Cut a deal


The employee can cut a deal with his employer to receive his desired salary.


2. On the same page


It’s great that we are on the same page. I look forward to working with you soon!


3. Iron out the wrinkles


I would like to iron out the wrinkles before we reach an agreement.


4. Meet sb halfway


I have decided to meet you halfway. It’s your call to decide whether you would like to cooperate with us or not.


5. Pull out of


The company pulled out of the partnership agreement at the last moment.


6. Back out


You have signed the agreement, and the contract is already legally binding. How can you back out at this stage?