In the workplace, you must have encountered colleagues whom you do not like or get along. You don’t want to see them, but you still have to work with them. We listed 6 types of annoying colleagues below. Do you agree with us and can you recognise some of them?


1. Micromanager


The logistic supervisor is a micromanager who always meddles with the working procedure of other departments.


2. Brown noser


He is a brown noser. Regardless of whether his boss is right or wrong in any situation, he agrees with her all the time.


3. Slacker/ Slob


The employee is too much of a slacker. He is always tardy and just goofs off all the time.


4. Humblebrag


She is such a humblebrag! She pretended to be modest and asked me why she got promoted even though her performance is not as good as mine.


5. Rat


Don’t tell her anything! She is a rat who will snitch to the boss.


6. Backstabber


On the face of it, she looks friendly but she is actually a backstabber who will betray anyone when they turn their back.