‘Talk’ means speaking to sb, and ‘talks’ can also be interpreted as having a serious and formal conversation of an important topic, in order to reach an agreement or decision. In addition, especially in the workplace, ‘talk’ can be used with various of words, let’s learn some examples!


1. Small talk


I don’t enjoy office parties as people always make pointless small talks.


2. Double-talk


He was caught embezzling thousands of dollars from the company. However, he still pretended he did not and double-talked us.


3. Sweet-talk


The salesperson tried to sweet-talk me into purchasing the latest edition of smartphone.


4. Sales talk


She began her sales talk by showing some product photos to the customer.


5. Shoptalk


I felt quite uncomfortable when I went out to lunch with my boss as he kept shop talking when I wasn’t interested.


6. Pep talk


The manager gives his team a pep talk every time before the event starts. They are trying to reach a target of 200 customers by the end of today.