We are fairly sure that you have heard of the Konglish phrase, ‘people mountain people sea,’ and you all know that it cannot be used in DSE English writing. Consequently, you may use the word ‘crowded’ to describe a place that is full of people, but are there any more synonyms? Learn these 7 words that other students may not know and get a head start on your writing!


1. Throng with


The mini shopping mall is thronged with a large group of fans, coming to support their favorite idols.


2. Teem with


At the start of a new semester, the campus is teeming with new university students.


3. Congest with


The car park is congested with cars on Friday night as many people are going out to dine.


4. Overflow onto


During the peak hour, the train is too full that some of the office workers are overflowing onto the platform.


5. Crush


There are a lot of people waiting outside the concert venue, even the staff must struggle through the crush to get inside.


6. Swarm


A swarm of reporters followed the artist’s cars, finding a chance to have an interview with him.


7. Chock-a-block


Greece is a popular travel destination. It is chock-a-block with tourists during every summer holiday.