There are many idioms in the workplace that are related to money, such as profits, costs, budgets. If you just translate those idioms literally, you can easily misunderstand the meaning. Today, we have prepared 8 money-related idioms. Let’s jot them down and figure out what these idioms mean!


1. Cash cow


Amongst the ten restaurants owned by him, the Causeway Bay branch is his favorite as it has always been a cash cow.


2. In the black


The company account is well in the black this month. That’s better than ever!


3. In the red


The store is $50,000 in the red for the first month, but I believe that it will soon be profitable.


4. Go down the drain


Due to the sudden policy change, the $100,000 worth of investment from last month has gone down the drain.


5. Foot the bill


He took the responsibility that he needs to foot the bill for the loss.


6. On a shoestring


The drama was made on a shoestring, with only a few performers and staff. However, it has taken Hong Kong by storm.


7. Ballpark figure


May I know the ballpark figure of the total cost from the previous month?


8. Crunch the numbers


Under limited budgets, we must crunch the numbers before buying this large machine.