If you were asked about things that you don’t want to encounter at work, would your answer be having a huge workload or meeting a demanding boss? Besides, are there any colleagues you are afraid to meet? These followings phrases are some examples of sorrows of work, let’s see if you have encountered such situations!


1. Run a tight ship


Our director runs a tight ship at work. I hope he does not realize that I have missed the deadline of those tasks.


2. Back to square one


Although we have put a lot of effort in, there is no choice now but back to square one.


3. Have our work cut out for us


When our supervisor comes to us with voluminous documents, we know that we have our work cut out for us.


4. Spread oneself too thin


She spreads herself too thin in multitasking, yet her boss is not satisfied with her performance.


5. Can’t make head nor tail of it


Every time I talk to him, I can’t make head nor tail of it. I completely do not understand what he is saying.


6. Get the wrong end of the stick


I have to explain the same matter several times to her, or otherwise, she will get the wrong end of the stick.


7. Beat around the bush


Stop beating around the bush. Just get to the point.


8. Talk at cross purposes


I guess we are talking at cross purposes. I meant task A, not task B.