‘Have you encountered any difficulties at work?’, or ‘How do you deal with difficulties?’ are some of the common questions asked during interviews. In addition to ‘face the challenges’, you can try to use these following 7 ways to express yourself and impress the interviewer!


1. Rise to the challenge


The biggest issues I have faced at work were the regulatory changes. Still, I was able to rise to the challenge.


2. Take on the challenge


Although it may be a difficult job, I am willing to take on the challenge.


3. In the face of sth


Our team won the film award in the face of a low-budget production.


4. Face sth head-on


I sometimes lack the confidence to speak up at important meetings, but I will face this weakness head-on.


5. Bite the bullet


My strength is that I can bite the bullet whenever I am facing a big difficulty.


6. Brave


I would excel at this job as I am always brave at challenges and shoulder the responsibility whenever my team needs me.


7. Confront


I agree that people should not avoid issues but confront them directly, in order to grow and learn how to deal with these issues next time.