There are a lot of Business English phrases to learn and one of the shortcuts is to get full command of the most frequently used phrases. Do you want to receive compliments for high proficiency in English? Or are you tired of being underestimated? This article can help you improve your business English promptly.


1. Carve out a niche: to find a special market that you can control


The publishing industry is shrinking recently, and we need to carve out a niche by investing in online platforms.


2. Make a debut: to be launched for the first time


This product is expected to make a debut soon, and we hope to earn a good reputation by it.


3. Go the extra mile: to make more effort than is expected of you


You need to go the extra mile for this project as it’s the critical moment for saving the company.


4. Shoulder the blame: to accept that you are responsible for something bad or difficult


No one is expected to shoulder the blame for you. You should take your own responsibility and risk.


5. Has an eye for: to be good at noticing a particular type of thing


To become capable in leading a team, you must have an eye for appointing the most appropriate person for the task.



These business phrases can help you to speak like native. Let’s learn them and make good use of them!