Nouns can be divided into two categories, countable and uncountable. Some English words seem only to be uncountable nouns, such as ‘power’, yet it can also be countable nouns! Do you know what ‘power’ means when it is used as a countable noun?


1. Respect


Respect [U]: Admiration for sb

Demonstrate mutual respect in the workplace helps to improve communication between colleagues.


Respect [C]: An aspect

In most respects, the cover version of this song is better than the original.


2. Exercise


Exercise [U]: The use of sth

The exercise of patience helps us to stay calm and reduces negative emotions.


Exercise [C]: A piece of written work for learning

To prepare for the DSE English exam, he does lots of grammar exercises every day.


3. Art


Art [U]: The various branches of creative activity, such as painting

His interest in art was stimulated when he joined a drawing class at the age of six.


Art [C]: A skill

Flipping food in a pan like a chef is quite an art.


4. Motivation


Motivation [U]: The enthusiasm for doing sth

The students lack motivation when being asked to join the school social clubs.


Motivation [C]: The reason for doing sth

One of the motivations of becoming a social worker is to relieve people’s suffering.


5. Power


Power [U]: The strength

‘Knowledge is power’ is a famous quote by Francis Bacon.


Power [C]: A person or country that has control over others

Speaking of a military power, the country must maintain a strong combat capability ready to fight.