Many students may choose the topic of social issues in DSE Writing Paper 2. When you mention a popular issue, can you think of other words than ‘prevalent’? Especially if you want to describe something negative is prevalent, what words should you used?


1. Ubiquitous


Denim apparel items are ubiquitous every year. They are one of the wardrobe essentials.


2. Prevailing


She is always in conflict with the prevailing view on the society.


3. Be all the rage


In the 1990s, floppy disk was all the rage. However, it is rarely used nowadays.


4. Fad


After the release of this TV series, ear loop highlight had become a fad.



When describing something negative is prevalent, you may use:


1. Endemic


The disease is endemic among children due to their underdeveloped immune systems.


2. Rife


Corruption is a global problem, which is still rife around the world.


3. Rampant


The rampant inflation has discouraged people to take the risk and invest.